Extra-caffeinated Wichita adding two new coffee options, one that also serves doughnuts

by DENISE NEIL | Read full article at: The Wichita Eagle

An already extra-caffeinated Wichita is adding two new coffee businesses, 7 Brew and Sugar Llamas. 

Sugar Llamas officially opens August 5th at its west-side Wichita store. The shop, whose specialty is colorful frosted mini-doughnuts, has its grand opening day set for Saturday, Aug. 5, says owner Kim Mallon, but it will likely start a “soft opening” period a little sooner.

The shop at 841 N. Tyler also serves a full line of coffee drinks as well as ice cream. It’ll have a drive-through and sits on the south end of a strip center near Central and Tyler.

The Sugar Llamas chain was founded by Dallas and Robyn Jones, who also started the self-serve frozen yogurt chain CherryBerry in 2010. (Wichita had a CherryBerry at 737 N. Maize Road from 2011 until it closed in 2015.)

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